Loyalty program

Get to know our loyalty program!

It is very important to Park-Klub group to provide access to our high standard hotels and services.

We would like to inform you about changing that are gone through on the 1st of January in 2020.

These modifications were necessary because revision of the loyalty program was not supervised as it should have been and so many misuses happened. For those guests who complied with the rules we provide a brochure with the conditions see below. We are going to take into consideration those guests who have not spent 3 X 2 nights in a current hotel this year but they did in the past year. We notice if the guests spent more than 2 nights in the current hotel but not in 3 times. We check these cases in a correct and fair way but those guests who have not spent the necessary numbers of nights in a current hotel we can not provide the loyalty discount any more.

About the new loyalty program:

Who can owe the booklet for the stamps?

  • domestic and foreign tourists as well who can ensure the followings
  • the guest who fill in the form, sing up for our newsletter and leave the application in the current hotels reception

The information about accepting the application and the booklet will be given to the guest the next time they arrive at the current hotel.

Regular rules:

  • personal data on the application form is only for Pak Klub group
  • every 10 000 HUF from accommodation on the latest invoice means 1 stamp in the booklet which is 1 000 HUF discount for the next reservation
  • when guests make the reservation they should let us know about the discount and the amount of the discount
  • discount available only in direct reservations (all the other website but ours are not accepted) from the own prices of the hotel
  • every guest can be the owner of one booklet and this booklet is filled onto the guest’s name
  • the owner of the booklet can not gift the discount and have to be at the current hotel when discount is utilized
  • the booklet is valid from the day of registration and the discount is available for the next two years

Using the booklet:

  • while paying the bill please give the booklet to the receptionist
  • the discount which is provided by the booklet can not be used with any other discount, only one discount at the time
  • after paying cash or credit card we can provide the discount. After discounted price new discount can not be claimed.

What left from the previous loyalty program:

  • bronze card meant 15% discount, now it means 15 000 HUF in the booklet for one time
  • silver card meant 20% discount, now it means 20 000 HUF in the booklet for one time
  • gold card meant 35% discount, now it means 35 000 HUF in the booklet for one time

Best regards:

Judit Harmati

hotel manager