Centrooms Eger - Boutique Hotel

Centrooms Park

Our partner hotel the Centrooms Park Eger is situated right in the centre of the city. On one side the Dobó Square with the castle on the other the Bishopric Palace can be seen.

The Hotel has floors, 21 rooms furnished in lifestyle style, and can accommodate 53 people. Our hotel is an ideal pace for those guests who would like to stay in the city centre close to the sights of Eger. The hotel can be used as an own flat, as everybody has their own key.

The different restaurants in Szechenyi street and Dobó square offers unique facilities for culinary experiment. There is a bakery, café, shopping facility right next to the hotel, so after a tiring day our boutique hotel provides an excellent facility for relaxation.

All the festivals, events, programmes are just within walking distance.

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Check-in is also possible from home via the following link: centroomseger.hu/online-check-in/

The check-in is at the reception of the Hotel Eger & Park★★★★, where the guests can get the magnetic card which opens the door of the hotel, and there they can also get their room key after filling in the registration form and paying for the bill. At departure the only thing they should do is to close the door of the room and leave the magnetic card and the key either in the post box at the entrance of the boutique hotel or take it back to the reception of Hotel Eger & Park.

There is no lift in the building.

The boutique hotel is in the heart of the city, in the pedestrian area. You can park your car either in the parallel street paying for the parking fee of the city or you can leave your car at Hotel Eger & Park★★★★ in a closed area. The fee is 800 HUF/car/night.

Most of our rooms have two beds, but we also have rooms with extra beds for three people. For families we offer our family rooms, which have two rooms with four beds. Our boutique hotel is ideal for groups up to 40-50 people, as in this case only the group stays in the hotel.